Easy Playdough Recipe

The iPhone became so popular because of how easy it was to use and how the pleasure of using it was derived from using the hands to fulfill some kind of personal satisfaction. This idea may have developed in the mind of its innovator because of the first hand experience with materials like playdough that involved using the hands directly to derive playful personal satisfaction. This kind of toy is non-toxic, safe and best of all, edible, and for those of us that are peanut butter addicts the best kind of playdough is peanut butter playdough.

Hours of Safe Fun the Easy Way

The kids can make their own toys with these easy playdough recipes. Mothers and Fathers will discover that allowing their children to get the benefit of confidence building activities during play time is a great way to bond with their children as well as build the children’s self esteem and self confidence. Preparing a home made toy together with the kids can build strong relationships in the family, make for great memories to cherish for a lifetime as well as provide self satisfying play time with siblings and friends.

Creative Juices

One of the many advantages of making playdough yourself is that you can make it to taste like almost anything you want, one of my favorites is cool aid. This is an ingenious way to both flavor and color playdough at the same time. The packages of cool aid often have very brilliant colors that represent grape, lime, orange and cherry. When coloring the playdough with cool aid, it might still be necessary to use a few drops of food coloring to make the color more opaque and even deeper if wanted. No cook playdough is safe for even the youngest kids to make while under the supervision of their parents or older brothers and sisters. Whether it is mom or dad, sisters, brothers, grand parents, uncles, aunts, cousins or friends, the fun of making this kind of play toy is enhanced by the intense colors, smells and use of the hands.

Safety First

Parents get nervous about what kids will put in their mouths during playtime. With edible playdough, there is no need to worry about this, other than keeping watch over the normal things, such as aspirating any foreign object; but the worry about toxicity can be completely disregarded. Th benefits are many, this is a truly inexpensive and popular toy that has been around for many years. It can only make the time spent playing more pleasurable for the creative spirit. Inspiration comes from freedom to express oneself on the simplest levels. Having the freedom to use the hands in many positive and pleasant ways will result in the tradition of fun and play between children and their caregivers.