Using kool aid mix adds extra sweetening and tartness to each section of non toxic playdough mixture to become an even more tasty edible play toy.

A Safe and Fun Way to Add Color to Playdough

These toys will not cause harm to kids at play but of course it is still necessary to monitor the children during this kind of playtime. Parents can easily share in the fun as they participate with their children in the making of kool aid playdough.

The ingredients to mix are as follows.

  • 1 C Water
  • 3 C Flour
  • 1/2 to 1 -1/2 C Salt
  • 1/4 C oil
  • a half to a full package of kool aid for each section

The playdough should be divided into sections before it is completely mixed. Then add the kool aid and mix each segment until the color in them mixes in to a uniform color. If the color does not spread evenly, consider adding a few drops of water or oil to the mixture to even it out, constantly massaging the individual color playdough segments until they have a well blended appearance. While this part of the process is going on, the ideas can bubble up and start to influence the fate of each piece of kool aid playdough.

Playdough recipes are as easy to make as they are to be prepared safely by children of a very young age. it is easy for the children that will be playing for many hours with these potential claymation resources, to discover that eating this type of playdough is even easier to do. You may want to try to limit this activity to avoid simply losing the newly home made modeling dough before the real fun time and playing can begin.

Eating the Playdough After Playing with the Playdough

Once the dough is ready, the eating can follow the contest that can be held between the kids for the best replica of a favorite video game character like pac man or Speed Racer and other popular characters. There are hundreds of fun ideas for the easy playdough recipes.

Another great way to shape the tasty non-toxic toy is to create a village with favorite Farmville members. Those who have a Facebook account and play Farmville will delight in the activity of creating figures of their all important Farmville animals, barns, tractors and farmer characters that live and interact in the rural fantasy setting of the now global obsession of Facebook. Facebook is one of the most popular places to share kool aid playdough creations.