Kids love playdough. It is fun all around because not only can kids mold and make their favorite Gumby figures with it but it tastes good too! The good news is that home made playdough is food and it is very easy to make with variations on flavor and color.

An Edible Toy for Kids

There are so many ways to make this great edible toy for the kids and it is completely non-toxic. It is possible to make it with a minimal amount of salt. The amount of salt needed to make the dough congeal to the right consistency is at least one half of a cup.

So here are the main ingredients to make no cook playdough.

  • Begin with 1 C Water
  • 3 C Flour
  • 1/2 to 1 -1/2 C Salt
  • 1/4 C oil
  • Food Coloring for each color desired

The method used to blend the ingredients can vary from a large wooden spoon with a good measure of elbow grease to stir the mixture to dough consistency or to use a bread machine. This recipe is safe and easy to put together. Kids can learn to cook making their own play dough. The creative juices can also flow with use of different food coloring to create bright colored no cook playdough.

Making Playdough is Fun and Easy

The fun that the kids will have making such easy playdough recipes is endless. Not only is this the kind of play that kids enjoy the most, but they also learn how to create. They learn the skill of measuring ingredients. After committing to the mixture of the main ingredients of one cup of water, followed by three cups of regular white flour. There is a one and one half measure of the salt that can be adjusted to taste or simply for a lesser amount. The last of the main ingredients is a quarter cup of cooking oil. Olive oil or vegetable oil will do just fine for this ingredient.

Coloring the play dough can be as much fun as coloring Easter Eggs. Before the dough is completely mixed, divide it into four or five sections. Depending on the number of bottles of food coloring available this is the point where the non cook playdough can be colored by adding the the colors green, blue, red, yellow and purple food coloring to the sections in a bowl and mixing until each section is a solid and homogeneous color. This only takes minutes to make and will provide children with hours of fun.

The One Toy That is Safe For Kids to Eat!

Never worry about the kids putting their newly made toy in their mouths because it is non toxic and tasty! The kids will probably eat the dough after they make it and create their favorite forms too. A very easy to make form is the donut. Rolling up ropes and pinching them together to make chains and donuts is easy and can lead to other simple to mold creations like horses, dogs, cats, cows and people.